Empowering wellness for over 50s: #MovingOn exercise programme sweeps Telford and Wrekin

  • Post last modified:12 April 2024

As the week draws to a close, Telford and Wrekin residents have something extra special to celebrate: the launch of #MovingOn, a revitalising exercise programme tailored specifically for the over 50s. Supported by Telford & Wrekin Council and delivered by Fit4All, this initiative marks a significant stride towards enhancing community wellbeing and fostering a culture of fitness inclusivity.

In response to the growing need for accessible exercise options for mature adults, Telford & Wrekin Council has supported Fit4All in spearheading the introduction of ten new one-hour #MovingOn classes across the borough. Designed to cater to varying fitness levels and abilities, these sessions offer a gentle yet effective approach to physical activity, ensuring that individuals who may not be able to participate in more vigorous classes can still reap the benefits of staying active.

“We are thrilled to see the enthusiastic response to the #MovingOn programme,” expressed Councillor Kelly Middleton, Cabinet Member for healthy, safer & stronger communities and partnerships at Telford & Wrekin Council. “It’s heartening to witness our community members embracing this opportunity to prioritise their health and wellness. Through these tailored exercise sessions, we aim to not only improve physical fitness but also foster a sense of camaraderie and empowerment among our over 50s demographic.”

The #MovingOn classes, led by certified instructors, offer a safe and supportive environment where participants can engage in gentle exercises that promote flexibility, strength, and overall wellbeing.

#MovingOn participants can enjoy affordable access to these transformative classes. With classes costing £3 each or the option to pre-buy four classes for £10, this collaboration with Telford & Wrekin Council ensures that high-quality fitness opportunities remain accessible to all members of the community.

“We are always looking at what our residents in the borough need, and there was a gap between our community falls prevention classes and more active classes,” shared Jude Bailey, Director at Fit4All. “We have many people who need to access exercise classes to keep them active but are currently too active for our fall prevention programme, but also a service for our fall prevention participants to progress onto. Thanks to the support of Telford & Wrekin Council, this has been made possible through our new service #MovingOn.”

With the successful launch of #MovingOn, Fit4All and Telford and Wrekin Council reaffirm their commitment to promoting health equity and fostering an inclusive fitness landscape for all residents. As the programme gains momentum, it promises to be a beacon of inspiration, encouraging individuals to embrace a lifestyle of movement, vitality, and joy.

For those interested in joining the #MovingOn movement, please visit Fit4All’s website for further information, timetable, and enquiry form at fit4all.org.uk/movingon.